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Lou Qinjian investigated Ericsson Panda about the epidemic prevention and resumption of production

Panda Electronics  2020-02-26

On the afternoon of February 19, Lou Qinjian, Secretary of Jiangsu provincial Party committee, went to Nanjing Ericsson Panda Communication Co., Ltd. to investigate the epidemic prevention and resumption of production. Jin Yiming, vice president of Ericsson Panda, introduced the company's epidemic prevention and resumption of production. Provincial, municipal and district leaders Zhang Jinghua, Guo yuanqiang, Li Shigui, Xu Shuhai, Yan Yingjun, Zhang Huiqi, etc. participated in the investigation.

Lou Qinjian went deep into Ericsson's Panda production area and asked in detail what measures were taken to prevent and control the epidemic and what were the difficulties in production and operation. When he heard that with the support of the government, the epidemic prevention and control work is orderly and the production capacity is fully restored, but there are also problems that suppliers can't keep up with, Lou Qinjian said that the government and the enterprise should work together to solve this current universal problem through local coordination and substitution or cross regional dispatching. He hoped Ericsson Panda can seize the new opportunity of rapid development of communication industry, and continuously improve the competitiveness of industrial chain.

Ericsson Panda is a joint venture of Nanjing Panda and Ericsson. It is Ericsson's largest and most important investment project in China. It has achieved 24-hour full load production since it returned to work on February 10. During this period, Ericsson Panda provided a number of communication expanding devices for Wuhan to enhance the communication support work of medical institutions in Hubei, especially in Wuhan.
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