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Panda Electronics won the best innovation award of Jiangsu Internet Association

Panda Electronics  2020-02-26

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the first ecological cooperation conference and Trusted Blockchain Summit Forum of Jiangsu Internet association was held in Nanjing. Panda Electronics was invited to attend the meeting and won the best innovation award of Jiangsu Internet Association.

In recent years, Panda Electronics adheres to innovation driven development. With the network technology of mobile payment and Union Pay payment applied to rail transportation, new internet technology applied to industrial Internet and intelligent manufacturing, Panda Electronics has made long-term development in intelligent manufacturing, digital city and other fields, and has been recognized by the Internet industry in Jiangsu Province.

Facing the trend of internet and blockchain development in the future, Panda will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, openness and sharing, and combine the latest technology and projects developed by the company to promote the research and development of related industries of internet plus.

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