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Panda Electronics held the safety production work meeting of 2020

Panda Electronics  2020-01-13

On the afternoon of January 3, Panda Electronics held the safety production work meeting of 2020, reviewed and summarized the safety production work in 2019, deployed the work in 2020, mobilized to carry out the 32nd "safety month" activity of the company, and provided safety guarantee for the high-quality development of Panda Electronics. The leaders of the company, Xia Dechuan, Li Changjiang, Dong Zhiming, Guo Qing, Hu Huichun and Huang Shaofeng attended the meeting.

Li Changjiang, Secretary of the Party committee of Panda Electronics, announced the commendation decision on "advanced collective in safety production" and "advanced individual in safety production". Leaders of the company awarded honorary certificates to advanced collective representatives and advanced individuals.

Xia Dechuan, general manager of Panda Electronics and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, first congratulated the advanced collective and individual who had been praised, and thanked the cadres and workers who had made hard work for the safety production of the company. He pointed out that safety production is the eternal theme of the development of company. We should firmly establish the concept of safety development and do a good job in safety production. We should plan, deploy and implement early to make a good start for the work of safety production in 2020 and lay a solid foundation for the smooth promotion of all production and operation tasks throughout the year. At the same time, he put forward requirements for the safety production of the company in the next stage.

Dong Zhiming, assistant to general manager of Panda Electronics, Secretary of Party committee and general manager of Panda Emerging Industry, asked all companies to closely focus on the production and operation of the company, vigorously consolidate the foundation of safety production, effectively prevent all kinds of accidents, and provide strong guarantee for the high-quality development of Panda.

At the meeting, Xia Dechuan and Li Changjiang signed the letter of responsibility for safety production work in 2020 with relevant directors of industrial companies.

Leaders in charge of safety production of each companies, heads of safety management departments and general safety officers attended the meeting.
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