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Panda Information won the bid for Ning-Ju intercity rail transportation communication project

Panda Electronics  2020-01-13

At the beginning of the new year, Panda Information won the communication project of Nanjing-Jurong intercity rail transportation project, with a bid amount of 256 million yuan. This project is another breakthrough of Panda Information in the field of rail transportation communication, which improved the comprehensive strength of Panda Information in this field once again.

Nanjing-Jurong intercity rail transportation project (hereinafter referred to as Ning-Ju intercity rail transportation project) starts from Maqun station, passes through Qilin, Tangshan, Huangmei, northern new town of Jurong, urban area of Jurong, and finally to the Jurong high-speed railway station. It is a landmark infrastructure project in the process of integration of Nanjing, Zhenjiang and Yangzhou. The total length of the line is 43.642km, with 13 stations. This project main includes the supply of equipment and spare parts, service of design liaison, factory test, installation, debugging, interface management, training and quality assurance. In addition, the project also includes the transformation task of Maqun station of line 2.

In recent years, Panda Information has always been in the forefront of the rail transportation communication industry, from the front-end market to project implementation and maintenance services, forming a blueprint for the development of radiating from Nanjing to the national cities. In the future, Panda Information will continue to improve its technical level, create more excellent projects, and strive to provide quality services for more urban metro projects.
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