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Automatic battery changing system for electric vehicle

Nanjing Panda Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., responding to the national energy saving and emission reduction policies, has co-developed an automatic battery replacement system for electric vehicles with the State Grid Electric Power Research Institute. The system has won the world’s first product in 12 aspects.

The solution of battery replacement system for electric vehicle (BUS) is to separate the charging and battery replacement area. There are two robots on each side of the BUS; a temporary storage rack is put between the battery stacker and power exchange robot, two devices complete the functions of their own. The whole process of BUS battery exchange is described as follows: First, the BUS to be charged is placed in the specified location. Next, unload the batteries on each side of the BUS and carry them to the temporary storage rack. Then place the charged batteries into the BUS. The battery stacker will convey the battery to be recharged to the battery box for charging.

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