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Multi-functional welding machine

Weldingequipment and welding technology may directly affect the quality, reliabilityand life of the products. It determines the production cost and efficiency, aswell as the market reaction speed. We provide not only high quality weldingmachines, but also high-tech welding system solutions with highly valuablefeatures such as the following:

   Ø The NBM cogas protective welder


      > Multifunctional digital pulse gas                                shielded   power supply

       > High-precision, four-wheel drive wire    

           feed system

       >Firm structure, modern shape and color

       >Various wire feeders are optional due to the material and the way used.

>Two structures: separated and integrated

>User-friendly interface, large screen LCD touch screen optional

>Robot interface is optional for automatic welding system.

>Air cooling or water cooling is optional.

>Network control and management system is optional

>Two control modes: single-pulse and double-pulse.

ØNBC digital gasshielded welding machine

    >IGBTinverter technology

>Energy saving, low requirement for grid capacity and wide range of grid voltage

>Easy arcing, soft and stable arc, small arc flash, high metal deposition rate

>Good weld formation, easy controlled molten pool, small welding deformation

>Soft switching technology, high power efficiency, small switching stress onpower device, low calorific value and high reliability

>Arc ball elimination function

>Self-locking function can reduce the labor intensity of long time welding.

>Output cable can be extended to 50m.

>Network control and management system is optional.

>Configurable robot system

>Network control system

>Wirelessnetwork management monitoring function.

>Control of hundreds of welding machines is available to ensure the operation ofeach welding machine.

>Parameters setting and real-time data transmission & monitoring ensure thewelding quality.

>Both welding machines and working staff can be managed.

>Monitoring and management of electricity, gas, wire and water form a completelycontrollable "holographic" welding workshop.

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