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CF automatic handling system

CFequipment is mainly used in the G6 line for color filter substrate handling. Ithas the features of precise structure design, advanced technology, highreliability and accurate equipment configuration. Its control system is of highprecision, high reliability and quick response which mainly consist ofautomatic material handling system, cassettes, robots and conveyor system.

Ø Automaticmaterial handling system, cartridge

Inthe CF equipment, the automatic material conveying system is to convey andstore cassettes of each project. The system is composed of BUF, CRANE, OHCV,Cassette Storage, BUF controller, MGV car. The system will automatically handlethe cassette according to CIM’s instructions.

Thecassette is mainly used for color filter glass storage and discharge of the G6line.

Ø Robot andconveyor system

Robotand conveyor system is the system to transfer glass substrate from cassette 

tothe production equipment and vice versa.

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